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Automation of everything. No compromise!

Our aim is to help you with automation of all the useful processes you need, even those that seem to be impossible to automate. And we do not mean teaching your computer to make coffee. Currently we're talking about such annoying things as so-called captchas, converting information you need into images etc. We consider captcha-approach as a racism against robots. That's why we'll help your programs to overcome these humiliating captcha-checks.

Captcha recognition as a magic science.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how it is easy for us to recognize the captchas, which are hard to be read even for human beings. You can try our recognition yourself just after registration there. We also provide the API which allows your software (SEO tool, spider or any other we cannot even imagine?) to use our magic captcha recognition ability. Our API is the most important part of our service, as it actually brings it the sense. That's why we pay much attention to it. We try to maintain it full and solid, but still open for your suggestions. If you apparently may have one - don't hesitate to contact us.


Captcha recognition result: